We supply and fit thermal/sound insulation for walls and ceilings

Condensation and mould condensation and black mould complaints are problems faced by maintenance and housing managers throughout the uk. Our thermal insulation supply and fit service is a remedy which alleviates condensation problems and makes cold, damp rooms immediately warmer. it provides a surface on which condensation will not form and is excellent for use on cold solid walls, concrete ceilings, cantilever beams, cold bridges, ring beams, etc.

Sound properties

Our thermal insulation service creates very good sound absorption properties and is particularly effective in the range of unpleasant high frequencies. It is particularly useful in helping to overcome problems of reverberation and sound transmittance between neighbouring flats or in high and low rise blocks of flats.

Our thermal insulation is made from a natural material, latex with a durable woven fibre-glass face, it is in an open and closed cellular construction which allows the substrate to breathe. The adhesive is water-based therefore there are no nasty smells and as our work is undertaken with tenants in situ, it is not necessary to vacate the property.




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